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February 21st;
International Mother Language Day
English    Persian

          Today's Date is :    3 / 2 / 2021

List of The News On This day
Office celebrates Mother Language Day
The ability to read or use technology is often taken for granted by those who speak more mainstream languages such as English, Chinese or Spanish. With 6,000 languages across the world, many people don’t have access to technology products that use their native language. Microsoft helps more people worldwide benefit from technology, while preserving local languages and cultural identities, with its Local Language Program (LLP). Thus far, of the 96 languages supported by Windows 7 and Office 2010, 60 of the languages are available through LLP—reaching the languages of nearly 1.7 billion people. Today, new languages including Mongolian, Turkmen, Maltese, Valencian and Dari were added to the LLP offerings for Office 2010.
   Office celebrates Mother Language Day
   Education in mother tongue stressed for children