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March 8th;
International Women's Day and United Nations Day for Women's Rights and International Peace
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          Today's Date is :    1 / 23 / 2021

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events that will make International Women's Day worth celebrating
For a country that has never really celebrated International Women's Day with anything like enthusiasm, the UK is aiming to make amends next Tuesday. Almost 400 events have been logged on, about twice as many as are planned in the United States. What's going on? Organisers say the 100th anniversary seems to have inspired women to celebrate a day designed to press for political, economic and social reforms despite a history that has never really paid it much attention. After events such as last year's Join Me On The Bridge march were more successful than expected, Equals, an umbrella group of leading charities brought together by Annie Lennox among others, has helped raise awareness that this is a centenary worth celebrating.

the fight against violence
In the past decade, women over the age of 12 have been subjected to violence in many ways and annually the cases registered were horrifying at about 500,000 rapes and sexual assaults, almost 500,000 robberies and 3.8 million assaults. The even more interesting aspect of these cases was that nearly half of such cases could be attributed to someone closely related to such violence victims like their husband, ex-husband, boyfriend, or even an ex-boyfriend.

   Christian Women’s Job Corps of Corpus Christi
   the fight against violence
   events that will make International Women's Day worth celebrating